Luv Cravings

Nothing is better than having a nice cup of tea in the afternoon and something sweet, especially when you are having a stressful day at work. Enter Luv Cravings. Unfortunately for me, they’re about a 5 minute walk from my office, so I am a frequent visitor.


Luv Cravings is a small cafe and dessert shop in the Olympic Village area of Vancouver. They offer almost 100 different types of loose leaf teas and delicious in-house made desserts. I am also IN LOVE with their tea lids. Seriously, a filter built into the lid! What a good idea, no more soggy cups from drippy tea bags.


A large cup of tea with tax will run you $3.41. Which isn’t too bad for a cup of loose leaf tea. It’s probably more than Starbucks, but you are getting premium loose leaf tea and you’re supporting a small business!

In addition to coffee and teas, Luv Cravings offers a variety of cupcakes in regular and bite sizes. I love their bite size cupcakes because you can try a few different flavours or get something small to get you through your sugar craving for the day. Their regular sized cupcake is smaller than what you’ll get at a place like The Original Cupcakes but they do taste great and I like that they are not overly sweet. They are also made in small batches, so you know they’re fresh.


My favourite flavours are:

Chocolate Hangover
(chocolate stout beer cupcake with beer flavoured cream cheese frosting)


Cookies Extreme

(chocolate cake atop a chocolate sandwich cookie, with cookies ‘n cream frosting, crowned with a second chocolate sandwich cookie)

They also offer a wide variety of cakes and other desserts. Check out this cute heart shaped chocolate truffle mousse cake! Yumm.


Luv Cravings is worth your visit if you are in the Olympic Village area! So, stop by and grab a tea and a cupcake (or two)!

You can like them on Facebook or check them out on their website.

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  1. Arielle says:

    Oh wow everything looks so good! I saw you wrote Olympic Village area and I thought you were talking about Montreal haha, I got super excited!


    1. I wish it was montreal! Still need to go there!


  2. Obviously I’m all for quality, loose leaf teas have my vote! But – is it ok for you to disappear from the office for a tea break?


    1. Hehe, well I do get something called a lunch break :)


  3. I’m just saying since you’re talking about afternoons


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