Potter’s Garden Restaurant

IMG_0786 If you’re in the mood for some authentic Korean food and you find yourself in South Burnaby, may I suggest a meal at Potter’s Garden Korean BBQ? Seriously, you gotta go! This place is awesome! Ok, that may be the endorphins talking after having an amazing meal there but believe me, I’m not exaggerating!

Their menu is extensive, you may take a lot longer than 10 minutes to decide what to eat. From noodles to traditional Korean food to their selection of Korean BBQ with options for 1 to very large groups, it’s a feast for the senses. I was there with two other people and, while we didn’t decide on BBQ this time around, we did make a solemn vow to go there again with a larger group to partake in the BBQ experience. We did all ordered a different dish and shared everything, the restaurant is super accommodating and the staff is very friendly. If you get stuck on what to order you can ask them and they will gladly make suggestions, especially for the first-timers. Our little group was there for dinner and we ordered dish #1- seolleongtang, which sounded interesting because the soup has simmered for 24 hours; dish #12 – ttukbaegi-bulgogi, which is a marinated beef soup cooked in a hot stone bowl; and dish #17 – the traditional bibimbap. While I encourage anybody to try different things, I must say that dish #12 was our hands-down favourite. It had a slight sweetness from the sweet potato and the beef was so tender it still makes my mouth water to think about it.

The Korean music playing, the food and the friendly staff made me feel like I was transported to Korea. I’ve never been there but I think this is what I would feel like if I were there. It’s definitely a place that I will be returning to often. I’d like to try everything on that menu! Who’s up to joining me?

Korean BBQ Potter’s Restaurant

5599 Kingsway, Burnaby


They also have a location in Downtown Vancouver:

841 Bidwell St.


Potter's Garden Korean BBQ 香辣里 on Urbanspoon


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