Hopcott Premium Meats in Pitt Meadows

Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows

Hopcott Meats is located in Pitt Meadows, just a 25 minute drive from Vancouver.  It’s a third-generation local business which main focus is local, ethically grown and sourced meats. All their cattle are born on 1 of 3 ranches within BC; after which, they are sent to the family farm in Pitt Meadows where they are raised. At no time the animals are given steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

Hopcott meats in Pitt Meadows

The animals are on a diet of 80% grass fed and 20% pesticide-free grain. The grain gives the meat more texture and the nice “marble” fat you see in their  premium, grade AA and AAA cuts.

Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows

Another thing that distinguishes Hoppcott Meats is their dry-aging method: a form of aging the meat by hanging the cuts on rails and allowing it to age for 21-28 days. The exterior is shaved bit by bit, exposing more of the meat. This is not the most economical way, but the dry-aging method gives the meat more flavour and tenderness, thus offering the public a superior product!

Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows BC

Aside from beef, Hopcott offers grain-fed pork from Johnston’s and chicken from Farm Fed – a federally inspected HACCP certified plant. The chickens are free run and raised on a wheat-based diet.

The retail store has a specialty grocery section which carries a large selection of local BC products and fresh produce. even dog food, as Hopcott is committed to using as much of the animals as possible. You can buy Fido a delicious bone while picking up your groceries!

Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows BC

This summer, make sure to pick up one of their popular freezer packs for your BBQ. Your party is guaranteed to be a hit!

Follow them on Twitter: @HopcottFarms Check out their website for yummy recipes too!


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