Molli Cafe #TacoChallengeYVR

Next stop on the Vancouver Foodster’s Taco Challenge is Molli CafeRichard Wolak challenges chefs and restaurants around Vancouver and beyond to create amazing dishes using innovative ingredients. The results are unique flavours and outstanding creations. The dishes are available for a limited time, and the public is encouraged to try them and vote for their favourites.

IMG_6399The taco creation by chefs Berenice Balbuena and Rafael Flores is based on an ancient Mexican cooking technique and an old family recipe with a west coast twist.

The technique I’m talking about is called Mixote – A traditional way of cooking meat on a spit with spices native to central Mexico. The West Coast twist is Fraser Valley duck meat marinated in guajillo spices and served with a cactus salad.

IMG_6398 The meat is tender and not as heavy as duck usually is. The cactus gives the meat a nice freshness and citrus lightness.


Molli Cafe offers a wide array of Mexican dishes, including tortas, consommé and quesadillas. Other taco dishes available include Cochinita Pibil, Queso Fresco and Milanesa.

Their special Tacos are available Monday to Saturday from noon to 6pm and are $2.75 each. The Vancouver Taco Challenge runs until June 14th. Vote for your favourites here.

Follow Molli Cafe on Twitter: @MolliCafe


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