Chill Winston Summer Menu #BeyondthePatio

I had the opportunity to taste Chill Winston‘s summer menu items through an intimate dining experience with other fellow food bloggers, hosted by owner Jordan Stewart and PR specialist, Tanis Fritz (@tanist2). It was a fun night of cocktails, wine, and delicious food!

Starting the night at the bar, we were introduced to two delicious cocktails made by cocktail designer Matthew Hassen (@MDHDesigns). The Anthea, a TeaLeaves flowery earl grey tea infused cocktail with gin, creme de cacao and lemon, is a light summery citrus cocktail that leaves you wanting more. I didn’t try The Covenant cocktail but it description made me think of a 1920s lounge club type of drink. The cocktail had a whiskey base with Kahlua, Lillet Blanc, honey, coffee & cacao bitters. Let the ice melt and you will be tasting layers of flavour.



While enjoying cocktails, Chef Derek Bothwell came out with our first sharing platter – the Earthwise Platter is a platter of fresh raw and grilled vegetables, all locally produced out of the Earthwise Society farm in Delta – fresh asparagus, radishes, carrots, beets, peppers, and more! We were next introduced to the Tartare Duo of Ostrich and Ahi Tuna, on their menu served separately and paired with some chicharron and house-puffed rice crisps to scoop with.




We were then lead to some cozy seating in the dining area where we had the pleasure to dine with Jordan Stewart and chat with him about inspiration for his menu and drinks. Their house white wine, Murder of Crows Chill Winston White by Okanagan Crush Pad was named after an adventure both Jordan and his partner Sonia experienced while travelling. We shared a Tri-Tip Salad, which included seared bison and fresh mixed greens farmed from Earthwise Society. Jordan explained instead of steak, they source sustainable meat such as bison as an alternative.


We next were provided with our own tasting plate of Chicken & Waffles, fried chicken served on a house-made waffle with chicken liver pate,and bourbon maple syrup. Can I have more please?


For my main entree – I had the choice between Vancouver Island black sturgeon served with a sausage cassoulet, a Chilean Sea Bass pouched in ponzu and served on top of a seafood risotto, or their Gelderman farm Pork Chop with sausage and a chimichurri sauce. I opted for the sea bass and didn’t regret it as it was super flakey and moist. By now I was quite full although we also had to have room to try two sides brought out – green beans with coconut curry and spaghetti squash paired with a sunflower seed butter and fresh basil pesto. Both sides were delicious, my new favourite pairing being spaghetti squash with sunflower seed butter.


We then were taken downstairs to Guilt & Co. where we enjoyed live music by the Jen Hodge All Stars swing band and Guilt & Co.’s delectable cocktails and Chill Winston’s new summer desserts. I opted for the Peanut Butter Custard, a light yet tart raspberry mousse on top of a white chocolate peanut butter crumble. My cocktail choice was Guilt & Co.’s Say Anything, named after a local songwriter’s song title – a yummy fruity drink that consisted of Chombard, honey and a whole lot of dangerous ingredients that could keep me sitting there all night.




Thank you to Chill Winston and Guilt & Co. for hosting such a fun evening. I’ll be back again soon for the Earthwise Platter and cocktails on the patio this summer, finishing the evening with some jazz music and more cocktails!

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