Tasting Plates – Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive is a neighbourhood with deep multicultural roots – which better place to host one of Richard Wolak’s Tasting Plates outings.

We started our evening at the iconic Federico’s Supper Club – open since 1999, this restaurant offers classic Italian cuisine combined with live entertainment and old world  hospitality.


Federico’s Supper Club offered a tantalizing small plate that include prosciutto wrapped with burrata with basil and fried capers; bruschetta with fresh mint, peas, salted ricotta and olive oil; Arancino ball with saffron, pecorino Romano and truffle oil; and the most decadent honey roasted fig served with ricotta and balsamic reduction.


I opted for the  $5 wine pairing for each plate. The wines were perfectly paired and were delicious. For $5 the pourings were quite generous!


With our hearts full of music (and my belly full of wine), we headed to Bonvita Health for their juice and smoothie tastings.


We got to sample some of their most popular blends, such as the “Green Revival” a concoction of cucumber, kale, celery, dandelion, cilantro and turmeric and apple juices.

My favourite  was the “Bonvita Classic” –  a mix of banana, date, almond milk and cacao – this smoothie did a good job satisfying my sweet tooth.

After our healthy prelude, we moved on to the Via Tevere Food Truck for the most delicious proscuitto arugula sandwich. The sandwich came hot from their oven and it was nothing short of a salty, melty masterpiece. I’m drooling as I type this.

DSC_0014And what goes great with a great sandwich? craft beer of course! The Via Tevere Food Truck was parked directly across our next Tasting Plates destination: Strange Fellows Brewery.


West Coast crafted and old world inspired, their Talisman Pale Ale had refreshing and fruity peach notes and their Jogleur Wit was a Belgian Wheat ale with a citrus finish.


It wouldn’t be a visit to The Drive without a visit to Fratelli Bakery. This award-winning bakery is famous for their authentic Italian pastries.

Our tasting was incredibly generous: a pastry box filled with macarons, cream puffs, cookies and my ultimate favourite: canolli.


We finished our evening at Prado Cafe where we were treated to Italian soda and a generous piece of their “Jackie’s birthday Cake”.

The Tasting Plates outings are a great way to explore culinary neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Next up is Chinatown. Grab some friends and go for an adventure! Get your tickets here.


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