Blend Bubble Tea

For the longest time, I’ve loved bubble tea. There’s something about fruity milk teas or slushes with the combination of tapioca pearls and coconut jelly that makes me seek for my quick fix in any neighborhood I live in or work in.

This year, a new bubble tea shop called Blend Bubble Tea opened up in Coquitlam near my dentist. I kept passing by and decided to one night drop by and see how they were – plus I was craving bubble tea!


The bubble tea cafe were decorated with infographic posters on bubble tea. A small side menu that offered a large menu of different types of bubble tea and snacks of french fries and sandwiches.

My hubby ordered the Tareese – a specialty blend that consists of Taro and Reese’s chocolate – topped with whip cream and mini reese peanut butter cup. The original order does not come with tapioca pearls or other toppings, however my hubby added the tapioca pearls. He really enjoyed the combo of the peanut butter cups and the taro blended together. wpid-img_20150814_204506.jpgI ordered a mango slush with 3 toppings for $1 extra. I decided to add tapioca pearl, coconut jelly, and passion fruit juice poppers as toppings to my drink. What’s unique about Blend Bubble Tea’s tapioca pearls are that they are infused in-house with either honey or vanilla bean and not the regular syrup that most bubble tea restaurants use. I decided on the vanilla bean infused tapioca pearls – I enjoyed how you can taste a light hint of vanilla with each pearl. The juice poppers are one of my favourite toppings – you usually find these at Menchie’s or Qoola with your froyo toppings, however not that many bubble tea cafes have them offered. I can’t wait to come here for other bubble teas and try more of their toppings.  wpid-img_20150814_204516.jpg

Blend Bubble Tea also sells Mason Jars of bubble tea. If you buy one of their mason jars with bubble tea, next time you bring in the mason jar, they charge you only the price of a regular bubble tea for the larger size.


Blend Bubble Tea offers lot of different specialty blends of flavours and regular milk tea flavours as well. They are opened 12pm-12am Sunday through Thursday and 12pm-1am Friday and Saturday and also have live music events. Follow them on their website or on Facebook here to find more about their promotions and events.
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