DAFNI Hair Straightener: God’s gift to making beautiful hair a quick, easy, stress free routine!

I don’t regret for a minute becoming a Mom. It has changed my life in more ways than I ever imagined, and my little boy brings me such joy every day.

However, one of the drawbacks of working full-time, and then balancing my life between keeping up with friends, spending time with my family, and updating my blog is the reality that I have very little time for my own self-care.

Time seems to be the one component of my life which I have very little of. My daily routine has gone from being to wake up gradually and enjoy a nice relaxing breakfast to a breakneck routine of trying to beat the clock to get to work on time while getting everybody in the family properly washed, dressed, fed and dropped off within a strict deadline so that I can get to work on time.

In the past I would have at least 30 to 45 minutes to get ready. I loved being able to look my best before walking out the door. One of the best parts was being able to straighten my hair. I used to use a basic flat iron, that took eons to warm up, would often singe my hair a bit, and left a slightly smokey burnt smell which I covered up with hair spray. But my hair and makeup routine was perfect.

Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

Since becoming a busy Mom I found I had to let go of that routine. I now had about 10 minutes to get ready, 5 of those were supposed to be for getting dressed.

So it’s no wonder that I got excited after watching the DAFNI Hair Straightener in action at a local mall one day last year. The small booth squeezed in between other one’s devoted to custom iPhone cases and sunglasses was promoting a new brand of straightener that promised to make your hair straight in a fraction of the time.

I watched in awe as the salesperson demonstrated this amazing product to me. My mind drifted to all those windy days when I arrived at the office looking like a flock of birds had suddenly nested in my hair creating a bizarre afro effect. Nobody said anything, but I knew they thought I had somehow received some kind of electric shock treatment because my hair was pointing in every direction.

But of course, the DAFNI is very expensive, and our financial situation isn’t the greatest right now. Without knowing it, my dear husband had also noticed how messy my early morning hair had become. He had secretly decided to purchase the DAFNI from a local store. (It retails $250 CA).

When he presented it to me I was flabbergasted. How did this man know exactly what I needed. I was really touched by his love and care for me. So, I immediately unwrapped the package and decided to show him what it could do.

Within less than 60 seconds of turning it on the DAFNI was ready to be used. My husband actually timed it on his Fitbit to be sure that it did actually warm up that fast. Then, with a few quick strokes, my hair quickly and easily straightened, and within less than 5 minutes I had beautiful straight hair.

Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

To be honest, I just love this product. It does what it’s supposed to do, it’s reasonably affordable for what it does, and it heats up and does my hair in a fraction of the time. For a product that’s easy to use, saves time, and is better for my hair, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m saying goodbye to my old flat iron, and hello to wonderfully straight hair that I can confidently add as part of my morning routine again.


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