Edmonton Eats: The People’s Perogy

Alberta is home to the statue of The Giant Perogy. It is also home to some of the best made perogies in Canada due to its Ukrainian roots and local residents. I recently read a review by local Edmonton foodie Ms. Hangry Foodie, I wanted to try The People’s Perogy for lunch as everything is freshly made in-house.

Off we went to The People’s Perogy on the north side of the city – we took our sis-in-law and family, and our friend who lives nearby. As we couldn’t really decide on what to order, we ordered almost everything on the menu.


The People’s Perogy offers 4 types of Classic perogies – Potato & Cheddar, Ricotta & Dill, Loaded (which includes potato, cheddar, bacon and chives), and Jalapeno Cheddar. You can order them either boiled or pan-fried (which costs extra, but worth it to get it pan-fried). They also have 2 deep-fried versions – Buffalo Chicken and Beef Taco. We decided to try the Buffalo Chicken, which came with blue cheese sour cream on the side. This reminded me of a buffalo wing – a little bit spicy, but accompanied well with the sour cream.


They also offer combos – you can combine 6 perogies, a fountain pop, and either locally made sausage, cabbage roll (in either dill cream sauce or tomato sauce), or a large bowl of borscht.



My favourite was the borscht, which by adding the sour cream, gives it a nice thickened texture. It was sweet, light, and enjoyable with the heavy perogies. My husband really enjoyed his cabbage roll with dill cream sauce.


Finishing off, we ordered the two dessert perogies on the menu – Apple Pie-rogies, and the Hazelnut Perogies. The Apple Pie-rogies was my preference between the two – it reminded me of a fancier, more bite-size version of McDonald’s apple pie. I loved the crunchy deep fried outer crust, combined with the sweet chunks of apple filling. The Hazelnut perogies had a vanilla cream and hazelnut filling, glazed with hazelnut and icing sugar. I found it richer and more intense in flavour than the Apple Pie-rogies.


I will be back for future perogy visits! I highly recommend the ricotta & dill perogies, with an order of borscht and apple pie-rogies to complete your meal. Well done, The People’s Perogy! You are my perogy place to be!

The People’s Perogy is only opened Mondays-Fridays. Check their Facebook page here to find out the latest hours and ensure they have perogies available, as some days they are super busy and sell out.
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