Press the “RESET” button for your Soul


We all have struggles – big, small, any size. And I’m pretty sure that, at one point, we’ve reached out to someone in our support system to either lend us an ear or help us take action. Something as small as calling a friend may have been the impact needed to spark a change in you and/or your lifestyle.

Which is why, any project that comes to light out of experiencing disconnect and learning to gain clarity, is something I’m happy to bring awareness to.

Liberation Yoga - Vancouver Bits and Bites
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Liberation Yoga (named after the yoga practice Jivamukti – i.e. Liberation In This Lifetime), is a non-profit organization offering free reset retreats led by a group of yoga teachers, nutritionists, body workers, and artisans.

These retreats provide participants who are in crisis or at a crossroads to be reminded that it is all love, that they are lovable and the universe is a kind and loving place.

The primary purpose of Liberation Yoga is to offer a reset. It’s not a therapy, an AA group, or a place to “fix” anyone.

Liberation Yoga - Vancouver Bits and Bites
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The founder, Jess, went through the AA 12 step program at one point in her life and found that it saved her life and created a pathway for her to grow up but it wasn’t enough, it didn’t address the trauma.

Through yoga practices (asana, meditation, pranayama, etc.), group discussions, healthy nourishment, art, exploration of the outdoors, writing, bodywork (massage, chiropractic, T.R.E.) and community, she’s brought together professionals in their field to be able to offer a powerful reset to all those attending.

Liberation Yoga - Vancouver Bits and Bites
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The best part is that these reset retreats are that they fund their 7 day long workshops with donations. So, applicants do not have to worry about financial affordability! This right here, makes Liberation Yoga fully accessible to those truly seeking to dive deep and resetting for a lighter way of living.

Check out their upcoming offerings at


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