The Crown – A superb NETFLIX series worth watching (and bingeing on)

My wife and I like to keep up with the latest trending shows and television series. The problem is that with so many new and different shows to choose from, one can become overwhelmed at which ones to watch.

Enter The Crown, one of the highest rated shows available exclusively on Netflix. Not only does this show quickly capture your attention within a few minutes, but its superb acting, cinematography, and attention to detail quickly draw us into a deeper connection to Queen Elizabeth II and her extended family.

The Crown is not just a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth, but it has attempted to dig deeper into peeling back the layers of secrecy, tradition and fundamental values that surround the Royal family within their bubble of aristocracy. In a nutshell, this series seeks to expose the human side of the Monarchy in a way no one has ever attempted before.

Not only does it mesmerize and dramatize the intricate relationships between the Monarchy, the government, and the public, but it actually gives us access to and a unique perspective on the relationships between members of the Royal family.

Netflix has also spared no expense in attempting to replicate each and every nuance relative to recreating historical events. In fact, their investment has even surpassed such shows as Game of Thrones, spending an average of $10 million per episode.

Because of this show’s captivating plots, it’s easy to sit back and watch at least two episodes at a time (Even binge watching three if you’re prepared to stay up late!). Don’t take my word for it, back at the end of Nov 2017, Barbra Streisand was being interviewed on the Ellen Degeneres show about her partnership with Netflix on “Barbra, The Movies, The Mem’ries, The Magic!“. Ellen asked what shows she would binge watch on Netflix. Not surprisingly she chose The Crown.

The series has received several industry nominations and awards, including winning Best Actress and Best Actor at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, and receiving thirteen nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series.

Also, if you liked this amazing TV series, I also recommend watching The King’s Speech full-length movie (Also available on Netflix), as it humanizes and contextualizes the underlying story and many of the events that took place just prior to Queen Elizabeth II becoming the Queen.


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