Tasting Plates YVR – Coquitlam Recap

Vancouver Foodster’s latest Tasting Plates took foodies on a tour of my neighbourhood – Coquitlam! I was excited to be exploring my own neighbourhood, trying 5 new establishments that up to now I haven’t visited. Welcome to the ‘burbs, where we can still find international cuisine ranging from Malaysian coffee buns, Korean deep fried chicken, Latin pupusas to local craft beers and more! Off I went to the tasting for a date night out with my hubby.

Check in was at PappaRoti, the third location in Greater Vancouver and only one outside of downtown Vancouver. We were greeted with pastries – a coconut rollie with fresh young coconut filling inside a flaky croissant bun, and their signature PappaRoti coffee caramel coated bun. We had the choice of beverage between an ice blended signature chocolate, their signature karak tea (similar to a chai tea but with ginger and cardamom as key ingredients), or freshly brewed JJ Bean coffee. We went with the ice blended chocolate shake and the karak tea – both a great start to kick off the evening.


Next we were off to Seoul Truck Street Food – a Korean food truck that’s built into the food court at Henderson Place Mall, just off of the Lincoln skytrain station on the Evergreen line. Seoul Truck offered a choice of 3 different flavours of popcorn chicken (Dak Gang-Jeong) – spicy, garlic, or soy. We ordered the spicy and the garlic flavours as garlic was their signature flavour. The tasting also came with deep fried rice cakes on a skewer – you can choose from red or yellow – red being spicy red pepper or yellow being cheese. We selected one of each.

Next we decided to take the tour in a different direction and skipped over Kulinarya to head to Polito’s Latin Cafe first. Polito’s has been on my list of places to eat at for awhile now so I was really eager to try their food. They offered my favourite, which was a mini pupusa (sample size, as the regular menu gets you a full sized pupusa) filled with specialty filling, paired with cabbage slaw and savory tomato sauce. Along with the mini pupusa was a Vigoron, a traditional Nicaraguan dish that consists of a cabbage salad, uca, and chicharrones wrapped in a banana leaf, and a Patacones Tostones, deep fried plantain topped with assorted vegetables and meat. Polito’s also offered drinks on special so I ordered a Jamaica – a hibiscus flavored tangy drink. Verdict? I’m coming back for sure to try their full sized pupusas and their other dishes!

Already starting to feel a bit full, we circled back to Kulinarya for some Filipino-styled cuisine.  A long established eatery in Coquitlam they recently opened a second location on Commercial Drive for Vancouverites to enjoy their Filipino comfort food. For the tasting, we were treated to Lumpiang Shanghai spring rolls, pork BBQ skewers, and stir fried rice noodles. I really liked how they packaged the rice noodles in mini to-go boxes, as I was too full to eat it all and was able to take it with me.

Our last stop of the evening was at Mariner Brewing, a local craft brewery located along Barnet Highway that opened up last summer with the wave of other breweries that opened in Port Moody. As they had 7-8 various beers to select from, I ended up choosing the following 4 for my flight:

  • Northeast IPA – which was my favourite and provided an intense tropical fruit flavour – I felt like I could be on a beach somewhere sipping this!
  • Berliner Weisse – great for those who like sour as it was quite tart, yet refreshing!
  • John B Main Sail Classic Pale Ale – in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of John B Pub in Coquitlam, Mariner made this special brew with caramel and floral notes as their first collab beer.
  • Golden IPA – another one of their signature ales with quite intense citrus flavours.

It was a fun night out with the hubby. Had the chance to run into a few other foodies that also lived in Coquitlam or were visiting from Vancouver! Anyone wanting some extra Coquitlam foodie tips, comment below, and I’ll be able to let you know some more of my favourite restaurants in the burbs!

Vancouver Foodster’s next Tasting Plates will be in the East Village. For more info: vancouverfoodsterevents.com.

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