Jugo Juice Launches New Energy Menu

If you love your tea and coffee in the morning as much as I do maybe you wouldn’t think about stopping at Jugo Juice for your morning energy boost, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do!

Jugo Juice is a Calgary based company and they are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a launch of a new energy menu category that consists of three cold brew and three matcha smoothies as well as one non-caffeinated, plus a new matcha smoothie in their protein category (for those of us who need our protein boost whenever we can get it!). The energy menu was created to “provide an energy boost with natural ingredients and great taste”.

I love to find ways to fuel better and, as much as I love getting my cold brew from my nearest coffee house, I’d prefer finding better alternatives that are not just empty calories and that will provide me with some sort of nutrition so, this menu is just the thing for me!

In the cold brew menu items they have:

– Jugo Java: which includes bananas, dates, unsweetened almond milk, and coconut milk, with the cold brew. It has a creamy consistency and the dates give it that extra sweetness without the added sugar. It had a coffee and banana milkshake taste that was like dessert but, at 360 calories for the full size, it’s definitely guilt-free.

  • Berry Buzz: this cold brew was blended with blueberries, raspberries, no added sugar frozen yogurt, and apple juice. I must say that the apple juice and berries combined with the coffee may not work for everyone, it was slightly tart and light coffee taste.
  • Outer Spice: if you like chai tea you will love this one! Cold brew coffee, cinnamon, ginger, banana, dates, unsweetened chocolate almond milk. One sip and you’ll feel transported to a land of fragrant spices. My favourite of the cold brew menu!

Now, in the matcha green tea menu they have:

  • Matcha Peachu: (bonus points for the best name ever!) This smoothie was super fruity with dragon fruit, peach, mint, apple juice, and cranberry juice added to the matcha. You can definitely taste the apple and peach with a hint of green tea.
  • Never Too Matcha: matcha, pineapple, apple, lemon, spinach, apple juice, and orange juice. Even though you can almost taste the lemony pineapple and hardly taste the matcha, this was not too tart.
  • Meet Your Matcha – this one confused me. Matcha, blueberries, banana, and unsweetened almond milk, it had a deep purple colour but not sweet at all despite the banana, it was like tasting a banana green tea. My taste buds enjoyed it although my eyes were expecting something sweeter. Definitely a must-try for tea lovers.

The other smoothie in the energy category has absolutely no caffeine but the energy comes from other sources. The Gold Digger has mango, peach, cauliflower (that’s right!), turmeric, lemon, ginger, tropical juices, and unsweetened almond milk. It is definitely a refreshing summer drink, the mango and peach was delicious, no spicy taste despite the ginger, and you cannot taste the cauliflower, so no worries there!

The last item to join this new menu is in the protein category. The Mega Matcha will give you that extra protein boost with matcha, vanilla whey protein, pineapple, and unsweetened almond milk. My fitness friends will enjoy this one. You can taste the vanilla whey and the pineapple, I feel like it is also a great summer drink. I will definitely be getting this one as a post-workout smoothie.

This new menu hits your local Jugo Juice on Wednesday, June 6th, and I hope that it will stay around for a long time.

See you at Jugo!




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