Kamamarui Ramen & Don

I’m not sure about how the subject of ramen restaurants came up in conversation with some friends one day but I was mentioning that I really enjoy it but have found that the new “trendy” restaurants that open up always get so popular as soon as they open that I either have to go midafternoon, after the lunch crowd and before the dinner crowd, or give it six months to a year after the “hype” dies down a bit. I am a hangry girl and don’t like waiting 30 minutes for a table you know! Plus, I love to support the smaller businesses that are less known but, sometimes, even better. I’m not saying that I do not enjoy the bigger restaurants just that sometimes I like to go a bit off the beaten path and discover new restaurants. The group of people that I was conversing with completely agreed with me, and that is when one of them suggested “the best ramen I have ever had in Vancouver”.

Kamamarui is definitely a smaller business. There are about 10 or 12 small tables, all with a minimalistic look and little cube stools. The walls are of a concrete look with little coat hooks that look like dog tails (super cute!) and the tables all have three little containers with condiments. The menu is very easy to understand and the staff is keen on giving you suggestions in case you’re not sure about what to order. The prices are also quite reasonable for what you get! And if you are particularly hungry, I suggest that you look at one of their ramen combos.

My choice for my first visit was the ramen combo with the agedashi tofu. The tofu was served as an appetizer to share, since it is nine pieces, and it is drizzled with the most heavenly-mouth-watering agedashi tofu sauce that I have ever had. EVER! I made a point to compliment the server, who said the sauce is made in-house and it is their own recipe (full disclosure, I licked the plate! Seriously, try the agedashi tofu!). My friend ordered the chicken karaage, which was served with a simple green salad and their in-house dressing, which was also very good. The ramen bowls were a nice size and the soup was perfectly seasoned. I added a little spice just because it is something I automatically do with ramen, but I personally don’t think that it needed anything added. I had the Vege Ramen, my friend had the Miso Ramen to keep it simple since it has 2 pieces of chashu (pork). The noodle to soup ratio was perfect, the noodles were tender and not overcooked, the soup (I opted for the rich broth over the regular) was tasty, not overly salty, and, like I mentioned before, perfectly seasoned. I really enjoyed the meal and the environment. And I must agree with my friend that it is the best ramen I have ever had! (She did say in Vancouver but I have not yet traveled to Japan or Korea to give that sort of comparison so I will say Ever!).

Kamamrui Ramen & Don is located at 6814 Royal Oak Ave in Burnaby, almost at the corner of Royal Oak and Kingsway, just a couple of doors down from HSBC Bank. They are open 7 days a week from 11:00a.m. to 10:00p.m. and they are also open on holidays, although they do mention that their hours may change on holidays so it’s best to call on those days before your make your way down there: 604.435.1675. When you do go, I’d love to know what you think!

Just a couple of things to note, I walked over from the gym so it didn’t really affect me but they have limited free parking spots behind the building. Also, they only accept cash or debit.




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