Yoga Pose for a Quick Energy Boost


Patio season not only brings the warm weather to us, it also encourages the social gatherings.

But no matter how social you are, it can sometimes get to be a bit much after having finished a long day of work and a bunch of other responsibilities.

So what are you to do when you get called to join a fun gathering last minute that you REALLY want to go to?

You stand up and power up with these two poses – done in a flow of breaths can be pretty beneficial when stuck in a situation like this.

Let’s bring out these two warriors, shall we?

How to Get Into this Poses:

  1. Stand with your arms out to your sides, level to your shoulders
  2. Place your feet under your wrists
  3. Turn your right toes to face forward, keep your left foot as it is
  4. Keep your arms as they are, turn your torso to face your right foot
  5. Point your tailbone down toward the earth and draw your belly button in
  6. Breathe into your belly
  7. Inhale, turn your right palm to face up
  8. Exhale, place your left palm overtop of your left back tight
  9. Inhale, reach your right arm up and lean back
  10. Exhale here
  11. Inhale come to back to center
  12. Repeat a few times

I hope you enjoy this short sequence. Remember to connect your breath.

See the following two images for key considerations when getting into this breath flow:



Have any questions, feel free to ask! For a short tutorial on this pose, I’ve created a video you can find on IGTV (@daisyjeys).


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