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Meat and Bread

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Meat and Bread is not just a new lunch time eatery in Gastown, it’s THE hottest lunch spot in Vancouver. You won’t find a shred of lettuce in this joint, it lives up to its name.

The menu is simple: you get your pick of  veal, meatball, lamb or pork – all slow roasted to perfection. The smell when you come in is heavenly.

My guide thru this culinary experience was Cord – a charming lad from Dublin. He told me that he and his friend Frankie opened their restaurant just five weeks ago. 

All around I can see that people were really enjoying their food. It was pretty busy for late afternoon.

I had the grilled cheese sandwich, aged white cheddar and onion. It came paired with their two homemade sauces – a spicy red sauce and a mustard.  Both delicious. They also have them for sale, and I do recommend them. The grilled cheese? Awesome!

I had to try the desert – a maple-vanilla and bacon (yes, bacon) ice cream sandwich. The sweet and the salty was an interesting combination. I’m not sure about the tiny bits of bacon in the ice cream. Somehow I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Was it good? I can honestly say yes, and you should definitely try it.

By the time I got around to ordering their famous Porchetta sandwich it was too late, they were closing down for the evening. But I will definitely come back for it, really soon.

Check out Meat and Bread on twitter @1meatandbread

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