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Taste of Punjab

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This is one of my favorite Indian Restaurants in Surrey. The food is great, the service is attentive and the prices are reasonable. What’s there not to like?

Taste of Punjab is located across from King George Skytrain Station. Makes it easy to get to. They also have lots of free parking available in front of the restaurant.

The house speciality is their Butter Chicken ($10.99) Which is made fresh from scratch. Its amazing and it must be tried. They make it based on your preference (hot, medium, mild). I like to order the medium, I find that it gives the dish the perfect balance of spice and flavour. I had the Butter Chicken Thaali ($9.50) which is a smaller portion of Butter Chicken, and it comes with rice and naan bread. Delicious!

Another dish I would recommend is the Channa Masala ($7.99) which is garbanzo beans cooked with special spices. Also you must, must try the Spinach Naan ($2.99) which is stuffed with spinach and cheese and spices. So amazing.

Another house specialty is the Tandoori Chicken ($7.99) chicken marinated in yogurt and traditional spices.

Their menu has a large variety of vegetarian dishes, including Aloo Mutter, Eggplant Bhartha and vegetable Korma. They also have great imported Indian beers such as Cobra and Raj. Raj is my favorite Indian beer, a delicious pale lager. I should also mention their desserts – their mango ice cream is out of this world.

What makes this restaurant stand out? well, their prices are very reasonable and the food quality is excellent, but also the service. The owner makes it a priority to visit each table and ask how people are enjoying their meals. This attention to quality is what makes this an extraordinary place.

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