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Re-Up BBQ Foodcart

Food cart dining is crazy popular right now – One of the most popular carts on the streets of Vancouver is the RE-Up  BBQ. They have two locations: 700 Hornby St. and 800 Block Robson St. They specialize in Texas-style BBQ.

The term Re-Up is urban slang meaning “to need to get more, to stock up” and it’s mostly related to street drugs. The owners thought their food was so addictive, that they decided to call their cart just that.

I kindda laughed when I heard that story, but once I tried their pulled pork sandwich ($7) I totally got it. I’ve been told by people that work in the downtown core that Re-Up is sold out most days by 1:00pm, and unless you line up before 11:00 am, there’s a pretty good chance that you won’ t be having one of these succulent pork sandwiches for your lunch.

But back to the food:

The pork was juicy, succulent, moist – it came smothered in a tangy and spicy BBQ sauce that was out of this world. It came with a coleslaw that was creamy and crunchy. The creaminess of the coleslaw didn’t take away from the flavour of the sauce, rather complimented it quite well. They use Portuguese buns that are notorious for being hard and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

I know I usually don’t comment on the smell of a dish, but for this one I will make an exception. You can smell Re-Up before you even order. It has that great BBQ smell, the one that reminds you of summer and sunshine and all things good.

The pork was succulent, but it was the sauce that really did it for me. It was the perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness, and it had a great consistency, that wasn’t greasy or too heavy. The sauce was so good, I was shocked when I saw that Re-Up posted their sauce recipe on their website.

I washed down this delicious treat with a Southern style sweet iced tea.

The flavour was familiar, I could swear they use Lipton orange pekoe tea, but I can’t be sure.

This was a very enjoyable experience. I love the idea of eating al fresco on a hot summer day. If you’re into the Vancouver food cart scene, Re-Up is a must. Just don’t forget to go there early, as they do run out of the sandwiches most days. And trust me, you don’t wanna miss them. One good way to keep track of all the food carts in Vancouver is to download the Street food app. It tells you where each of the food carts are as well as opening and closing times. It’s a good thing to have if you’re on the hunt for some good street eats. Also you can follow Re-Up on twitter at @reupbbq

Re-Up BBQ Foodcart on Urbanspoon

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