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La Brasserie Street

If you’re gonna do only one thing – do it right.

That’s the philosophy of this food cart located on the corner of Granville and West Georgia. There’s only one item on the menu: their famous Brass Chicken Sandwhich.

So, one sunny day, I decided to check them out – I work in Burnaby, so for me to get my butt Downtown Vancouver for lunch and back to work within an hour… that’s commitment to blogging.

I got there at around 12:15pm – The line up was impressive. “All this for a sandwich?” I said to myself.  To say I was exceptive is an understatement. How good can a sandwich be?

12:30pm and we’ve barely made a dent on the line-up. I was starting to get anxious. Did I mention I work in Burnaby? I need to get my behind back to work!

Finally I got my order. The sandwich consists of Beer brined  chicken in a white gravy, on a buttermilk bun. It’s then topped with crispy onions. For $7.15 plus HST you can make it a combo and get a drink. Which is what I did.

First impression was that this is a pretty big sandwich! It had a lot of chicken and the smell was decadent.

After my first bite, I realized what the fuzz is about. This isn’t a mere sandwich friends, this is Utopia wrapped in a buttermilk bun! If heaven had a taste, it would taste like this. I forgot where I was, and I started to make yummy food sounds. I tell you the looks I was getting on Granville St. were priceless! I didn’t care.

The chicken was moist and there was plenty of it. The gravy had a fantastic, peppery taste to it. And it was creamy too. The fried onions gave this sandwich a satisfying crunch.

It was suggested to my by the staff of La Brasserie St. to try the dijon mustard sauce. I recommend it. It gives the sandwich a new dimension of taste.

For dessert, I tried one of their butter tarts ($1.79) They claim they’re the BEST butter tarts in the world, how can I resist?

The tart was sweet, and flaky. But was the best I’ve ever eaten? First of all, how can it be the best in the world and not have raisins? Give me raisins on my butter tart and then we’ll talk about that title.

So overall, You’ve probably guessed that I liked it. It was good! And on a nice, sunny day downtown Vancouver, what better way to spend your lunch hour than sitting on the steps of the Art Gallery eating some fine street food. Life doesn’t get better than that.

Follow them on twitter @LaBrasserieSt

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