The Monsters are Loose on Fright Nights at the PNE!!

The Monsters of Schlock that is!

Do you remember watching the Road Runner cartoons when you were a kid? Remember how Wile. E. Coyote would pull all those stunts and get ridiculously hurt in the process? Well, Burnaby Q Orbax and his brother Sweet Pepper Klopek have been burned, hooked, pierced, bloodied, bruised, fractured, hammered… all in the name of …comedy?

These pair of modern dare devils have the distinction of being Canada’s only touring freak show. And from October 14th until the 31st they will be performing nightly at Fright Nights.

The Monsters of Schlock combine hair-raising stunts that will have you screaming and laughing at the same time. They’re devoted to one motto: Violence can be funny.

On Tuesday October 25th at 2pm – Burnaby Q. Orbax will attempt to make history for the “longest vehicle pull with meat hooks in a person’s back”  (yeah, you read that right). Orbax must pull a four-tonne Hummer H2 a full 107 meters to break the Guinness Book of Records. Rumour has it that a certain Canadian celebrity will be inside the car while Orbax pulls it.

Check them out at

Or twitter @OrbaxandPepper

Just another reason to check out Fright Nights this year! For more information and to buy tickets online check out

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