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Crumbs Bake Shop in Hoboken

If you are getting ready for swimsuit season “Crumbs Bake Shop” is not the place you want to frequent, LOL!  But if you are in the mood for something scrumptious and full of creamy delight you’ve come to the right place.  Yes they are a national chain, but each location feels mom & pop and has such delicious desserts the place could be on fire and there would still be a line out the door.  This location in Hoboken opened up about 2 years ago and has quickly become a local favorite.  The first Crumbs Bake Shop opened up on The Upper West Side of Manhattan in March of 2003 with now 19 locations and more coming every month.

Crumbs has over 50 varieties of cupcakes baked onsite and fresh daily.  You can choose 1, a two pack, a four pack, a six pack or how ever many you like.  Don’t even look at the nutritional information and calories trust me, just choose your favorite cupcake and go to town.  The also have a new cupcake of the week every Monday.  For the holidays they do have an Egg Nog Cupcake, Gingerbread Cupcake & the Peppermint Hot Cocoa Cupcake.  They will also deliver these cupcakes to your front door if you please.

We started with a wonderful homemade Cherry Soda which was the perfect blend of Cherry and Natural Cane Sugar for $3.99.  We then decided on a 4 pack that cost us $15.00 and well worth every penny.  I had the “Pink” – Pink tinted vanilla cake topped with pink vanilla cream cheese frosting edged with pink and white sprinkles & the “Egg Nog” – Tastes likes a winter wonderland. Vanilla cake with eggnog cream cheese frosting, topped with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.  My dinning partner had the “Devil’s Food” – Chocolate cake with classic vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, sprinkled with chocolate crumbs and mini chocolate chips & the “Apple Cobbler” – Apple cinnamon cake with apple preserves filling topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covered in streusel crumbs.

Most cupcakes are filled with the most gooey delicious sweet centers you will find this side of the world.  They even pay homage to a few members of The Howard Stern Show like the “Artie Lange” – Vanilla cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting filling, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting dipped in chocolate fondant and edged with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles & the “Baba Booey” – Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter frosting, topped with peanut butter and chocolate cream cheese frosting and rimmed with peanut butter chips.  Most cupcakes are $4.50.  Now they even went a step further by creating “The Colossal Cupcake” for $42.00 each.  These Colossal treats are as big as your head and are also filled to the gills on the inside.  Crumbs also serves Coffee’s, Tea’s, Soda’s & amazing Birthday and Holiday cakes.  You can view their website at

Written by Michael Monteforte

New Jersey Correspondent

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