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Carpe Diem in Hoboken

Carpe Diem has been open in Hoboken for many years now.  I’ve lived here forever and have wanted to try this local spot for such a long time, so I decided today was the day.  Carpe Diem is a fantastic upscale pub with the best comfort food anyone could ask for.  We decided to go for Brunch which they offer every Saturday & Sunday, we were greeted by Jaime, she was delightful to have as our server, she was so friendly and had some great suggestions on what to order.  The place has wonderful dark woods and some great photo’s & tag lines all over the walls.

Celtic inspired fare and some amazing comfort food dishes will satisfy your appetite all hours of the day.  Great sports bar atmosphere toward the front of the establishment and a nice dining room to sit and unwind.  Another great spot in the mile square city of Hoboken, New Jersey.  They do offer free wi-fi if you are looking to surf the web or catch up on some work while you eat.  We started off with what has become something I have been dreaming about every night since I visited Carpe Diem.  Pasties – Seasoned ground Angus and potatoes stuffed in a braided puff pastry, served with our homemade gravy for $8.00.  These are addictive, the homemade gravy will want to make you lick the plate clean.  So hearty and flavorful I could have had about 10 of these dumplings and been good to go.

I had the Shepard’s Pie – Traditional dish with ground beef, peas, carrots, and mashed potatoes on top for $12.00 and I will say I was so full I almost could not finish it.  This dish was made the traditional way but had a nice light taste.  My dining partner had the Goat Herb Frittata which included Goat Cheese & Fresh Herbs for $9.00 – which came with you choice of Potato Hash, House Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Yogurt.  Of course we had the Potato Hash and it was delicious made with onions and sweet ketchup, it  had a great blend of sweet & salty.  The Sauteed Tilapia looks divine made of Sauteed tilapia served over a bed of sauteed spinach with dried fruits and a white wine sauce for  $15.00 and the Chicken Ricotta – Creamy red sauce ricotta blend topped with chicken cutlet sounds good too for $13.00.  You can view their website at

Written by Michael Monteforte
New Jersey Correspondent
Carpe Diem on Urbanspoon


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