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Ebisu Flair – A New Dining Package from

The guys at are back with another Ebisu dining package! The purpose of this package is to showcase some of Ebisu’s finer dishes, and it includes five courses. This dining experience is a perfect starter to date night!

@yvrbcbro and I were invited to a preview. For Sean’s take on the meal, click here. –  Ebisu Flare will be available for sale to the general public starting February 9th at the website for $20.

That’s right – $20 for five courses, that’s not a typo.

We started our culinary adventure with the Salmon Carpaccio – the  Atlantic salmon was thinly sliced and marinated in a soy-based olive oil and topped with a citrus white wine mayo. You think it would be heavy with the mayo and the olive oil, but it wasn’t.

The salmon  was garnished with garlic chips, red onion  and sprouts. It was very good, and like I mentioned before, not very heavy. The appetizer dish included two Tiger Mayo, big Tiger prawns battered in tempura and served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise dip. I tried these before on my first visit to Ebisu, and I really liked them. I’m glad they’re still part of the package this time around!

Moving on, we have the Aigamo Duck Salad – A beautiful salad of fresh spring greens and peppers, topped with roasted duck and sauteed button mushrooms in a tangy citrus infused ginger dressing. It was garnished with orange slices and fried onions.

This was my favourite part of the meal. The duck was not too fatty and full of flavour. Great texture. Also I loved the salad dressing, I think it really brought the dish together. The fried onions give the salad a nice crunch. Beautiful presentation.

We followed our salad with the Crunch & Munch Roll – A prawn tempura, cucumber and tobiko roll, topped with unagi and avocado.  This was a nice big roll, and the unagi had a fantastic BBQ flavour. The rolls were of a decent size, and they weren’t overwhelming to eat. Unagi done well is a beautiful thing, and this was unagi done well. I would come back for this roll alone.

For dessert, we had the Mars Attack –  mars bar pieces battered in a light tempura and served with vanilla ice cream on a bed of corn flakes. Totally decadent, and a great end to our meal.

The packages are a great way to try out new restaurants. Ebisu is only one of many more packages to come, and trust me when I tell you, you don’t wanna miss them! Here are some ways to keep in touch with the folks:

Follow them on twitter @VANEATSca

Like them on Facebook

They’re nice guys, and they’re notorious for giving away dining packages on Facebook and Twitter.

Sean and I were guests of and Ebisu. 


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