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The Kaboom Box and present KABOOM IN A BOX

The Vancouver street food scene is heating up with Bill’s and Kev’s new dining package: KABOOM IN A BOX.

The guys at have teamed up with legendary food truck The Kaboom Box to bring you their very first street food dining package.

The Kaboom Box is well known for their locally sourced ingredients and oceanwise seafood. The package offers you:

Your choice of either:

  • Their Famous Hot Smoked Salmon ‘Salmwich’. Local salmon, wild caught, Oceanwise Certified. The salmon is smoked fresh and served on a toasted whole wheat bun with a touch of spicy mayo and house-made maple-mustard slaw.
  • The Gulf Island Fried Oyster Po’Boy, locally and sustainably harvested oysters, panko breaded and fried, served with house-made tartar sauce and signature slaw.

You also get a generous portion of their BC Poutine, with fries so crispy and a  mushroom gravy that’s to awesome for words.and of course, real cheese curds, and a soft drink.

With the weather warming up, this is a great deal for $8.50.

The salmon sandwich is one of my favourites. The salmon is so tender and juicy, and you can really taste the difference wild salmon makes. The smoke gives this sandwich an excellent flavour. I also love the poutine. The mushroom gravy is fantastic: thick, creamy with a slight peppery flavour. The fries keep their crisp even with the gravy, and the cheese is perfectly salty. A dash of fresh chives adds a flavourful finish. This is poutine perfection.

You can purchase your KABOOM IN A BOX dining package on the website. While you’re at it, follow Bill and Kev on twitter and facebook for upcoming packages and a chance to win free food!


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