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Pig on the Street

On my quest to try every single food truck in Vancouver by the end of the summer, I ran into Pig on the Street. Owned and operated by Mark and Krissy, both from England; the inspiration for this little gem are the bacon sandwiches in England.

And boy, are we ever glad this dynamic duo crossed the pond: their sandwiches are a thing of beauty.

In order to dissect the success of this little piggy, we get back to the basics: the meat is free of additives and it’s purchased locally. The sauces and condiments are home made, as is the bread. Their greens come from local farms and is organic.

But in the end, it comes down to taste and value. So what do I think? Check out my lunch:

This bad boy is called the Southern Piggy ($9) – it comes with grilled peppers, corn, chipolte mayo, greens, a bourbon BBQ sauce that was out of this world, and of course, lots of double smoked bacon. Lots of it. This sandwich is not for the faint of heart. This is a MAN’s sandwich, and I had a bit of trouble finishing it, it was that big. A very good value for my hard earned bucks. Great job on the peppers, and that sauce, oh man, that sauce was good.

At the risk of getting killed by Kevin Spacey a la  Seven for gluttony (movie reference folks, Seven is a movie where Kevin Spacey plays a serial killer murdering people who represent the seven deadly sins…  you know what? goggle it.) I had to try the Hair of the Hog ($2) this is a bourbon, bacon and caramel brownie. This is boozy perfection, you can really taste the bourbon! For only two bucks, it’s totally worth trying.

They also have an excellent home made lemonade that comes with crushed raspberries and mint. Excellent for hot summer days.

Follow them on twitter @pigonthestreet  for menu and location updates.

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