#SUPERBonchaz means great eating for you!

Another VANEATS.ca package, and this one is a super deal! Tell me when was the last time you paid $6.50 for an entire lunch? – the #SUPERBonchaz offers you a freshly made sandwich, homemade soup and a yummy dessert – all for that price.

Bonchaz has two locations in Vancouver, but this deal is only good for the 189 E Broadway location (Main and Broadway). This bakery’s claim to fame is their Bonchaz buns. Made fresh everyday, these tasty croissant-like buns have delicious fillings inside. With this package you have a choice of original (with butter and icing sugar), banana walnut (fresh bananas and California walnuts), matcha (matcha coconut green tea) and my favourite, the chocolate truffle (with guess what inside? Chocolate truffle!).

There’s three great sandwiches to chose from: avocado and double cream brie, beef bulgogi (a Korean inspired treat, with sliced rib eyed marinated in soy sesame oil and served with red onion, garlic and honey) and the vegan option with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, hummus, sprouts and roasted peppers. All the sandwiches come in their homemade bread.

I’m a sucker for avocado and cheese sandwiches, so of course I went for the avocado and brie.  Lots of creamy brie and avocado drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction. The tomatoes were so fresh, it was fantastic. I loved the bread, I thought it was a good choice considering that the cheese, balsamic and tomatoes could make the bread soggy after awhile. But this bread held its constancy well and managed to soak up all that yummy goodness.

For this package there’s an option for the soup of the day, and I chose the vegan chilly. There were lots of tasty vegetables in a nice spicy stew-like broth. Well done.

A few things that should be mentioned here: First of all, the service: Super friendly staff. I was greeted as soon as I opened the door by two staff with big smiles on their face. It was only a few minutes till closing but the staff gave me their full attention, and this was without knowing who I was or what I was there for. Once they knew I was there for the VANEATS.ca package they got even more excited. I love good service, and it’s obvious that the staff at Bonchaz have been trained well in this area. Second, the place was spotless. In the middle of such a busy intersection, Bonchaz still managed to give its store a comfortable, small-town feeling to it. Warm and comfortable are two words that describe this location best.
The #SUPERBonchaz 3-course dining package is now available for sale on the VANEATS.ca website. The package is good until March 4th, 2013. I think they would make great stocking stuffers for the foodies on your list – for only $6.50 a piece, you can afford to treat a few of your closest friends. :)

Follow them on Twitter @Bonchaz and follow @VANEATSca  because the guys are awesome.

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Disclaimer: I was offer a sneak preview of this dining package by the guys at VANEATS.ca. (What can I say, they love me.) Yet I would not stir you wrong friends – I’m a VANEATS.ca customer myself and I indulge in their excellent dining deals from time to time. Trust me when I say they’re good people and offer great food at great prices. 

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  1. OMNOMNOMnom. So many wonderful pictures and blerbs about food. I keep missing out on Dine Out Vancouver ’cause I don’t live there at the moment, but I really want to do it next year. Love Bonchaz. Great post!


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