Food Becomes Art at Mosaic Bar and Grille – Introducing #ArtofTaste the new Dining Package from

The Mosaic Bar and Grille has reopened its doors with a new look, a revamped menu and a new Chef: Thomas Heinrich. The new dining pass is your passport to experience some of the best Mosaic has to offer.

The dining pass includes three courses:

– Your choice of starter:

  • Local Seasonal Spring Salad

IMG_2541 This is one of the most beautiful salads I’ve ever eaten, such wonderful presentation. Fresh peas, fava beans, watermelon radishes together with house made sheep milk ricotto mixed in a citrus and mustard dressing. The dressing is very tangy but the ricotto cuts into it nicely.

If you’re not in the mood for a salad, you can always try the

  • Warm a la Minute Smoked Skuna Bay Salmon 

IMG_2537This dish comes covered in a glass dome to keep the heat in. The salmon is smoked for an hour and has a wonderfully creamy consistency. The avocado terrine blends so well with the salmon. Taking this dish from fantastic to extraordinary, the salmon is topped with certified organic sturgeon caviar. To finish it all off, this dish is garnished with a maple sherry bourbon vinaigrette.

Now moving on to the main courses. This package offers you a choice of:

  • 24 Hour Braised Spring Creek Short Ribs

IMG_2548These short ribs are so tender, they have to be tried to be believed. A carnivore’s dream, the ribs are braised twice and then fried. The tarragon jus compliments the meat perfectly. Served with Morel mushrooms, roasted root vegetables and a Vidalias onion puree.

If meat is not what you’re craving you can try:

  • Grilled Long Line Caught BC Ling Cod

IMG_2546The fish is ocean wise  certified and flaky and moist. This dish is served with a dashi broth that is poured on top of the dish right at the table, strands of red chilli give the fish just a hit of spice.  The flavours on this dish are sublime! Complimented with baby bok choy and shiitake mushrooms, this dish was simply amazing.

Finally, we get to the desserts part of the package. Again, you have a choice of two items:

  • Banana Split

IMG_2550This isn’t your kid’s banana split. This is the grown up version! caramelized bananas together with vanilla ice cream, almond brittle, fresh berries pistachios in a chocolate sauce. Oh wow. Just wow. The portion is also quite generous!

  • Mosaic Chocolate Cake

IMG_2551The picture doesn’t give this dessert justice. I have a friend who comes Downtown JUST for this dessert. This dessert is a Mosaic signature dish. The piece is massive. And the cake is so moist it has to be tried.

There are many things about this package that I liked: First of all the ambience at Mosaic – classy, but not pretentious. The newly-renovated dining room has a great West Coast feel to it. Also the service: The staff at Mosaic are super attentive. There wasn’t a moment when our water wasn’t refilled or wanted anything. Every dish had clean silverware. It was truly a fine dining experience.

Finally, the detail on every dish. The presentation in every one was truly a work of art.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one of this packages. You can purchase them from the website. Like many other of their packages, the price is unbelievably affordable. You can get all three courses of the #ArtOfTaste dining package for only $22.

I’m not kidding, seriously, it’s only $22. Twenty-two dollars.

Get it before it sells out!

(Disclaimer: My dining pass was compliments of Vaneats – but it was so good, I actually bought another one for myself :)

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