Let’s go to the fair! – The PNE new food offerings for 2013

The PNE still open for another four days, until Labour day, so there’s still time to check out some of the new food offerings this year:

The Jalapeno Popper ( $7) and Philly Cheesesteak grilled cheese sandwich ($7.50) from the PNE’s new Cheese Please stand.

jalapeño popper grilled cheese

philly cheese steak

tomato bisque

My favourite was the Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese – very tasty, and it had just the right amount of spice. I also tried their tomato bisque and it’s delicious, great combination for a rainy day at the fair.

If you’re craving something sweet, how about a deep fried pies from One Sweet World.

deep fried pies stand

apple pie

You can choose from caramel apple (their best seller), lemon, blueberry, raspberry and their daily flavour. ($9) you can get the pie without ice cream for $7 but I would just go ahead and get it a la mode. The pies are made in house from scratch. Careful, they’re hot!

If you’re visiting the PNE this year, this one is a must: deep fried pickles and green beans ($5) or the deep fried philly cheese steak ($9) from Pickle Pete’s.deep fried philly cheese steak

deep fried pickles and green beans


The pickles were fabulous! They’re served with a chipolte or ranch dipping sauce. I could’ve eaten a hundred of them. The philly cheesesteak was good, but kindda messy to eat. The deep frying process makes the sandwich a tad soggy. Also try the green beans. Such crunchy goodness. This stand is a must try.

Now for something both savoury and sweet: the banana and bacon ears ($9) from Elephant Ears.

bacon and maple elephant ear

elephant ear


This treat is massive! Made with real bacon bits inside, this is something different from your regular fair offerings. Definitely share this one with a friend.

Who says you can’t have gourmet fare at the fair? Check out Gourmet Burgers:





Here you can try burgers made of  kangaroo, camel, alligator, venison and wild boar. And if you dare, there’s the Vortex ($15) a 8oz top sirloin patty, two fried eggs, 5 strips of bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato served between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Good luck finishing this one!

No visit to the PNE is complete without delicious soft serve ice cream from Ernie’s Ice Cream – a staple stand at the PNE since 1948.



The Fair at the PNE goes on until Labour Day. Follow them on Twitter: @PNE_Playland


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