Cache Bistro and Lounge

Located in Yaletown on the corner of Hamilton and Drake, Cache Bistro is a new take on French cuisine. Chef Alex Mok offers a menu that it’s French inspired and Asian influenced. The results are unique dining that can only be experienced here.

Chef Mok creations are made using local and unique ingredients, like  Xfour Vodka – a sipping vodka distilled in Vernon.  This vodka is so smooth with no aftertaste, and it makes the perfect dirty martini.


The wine list at Cache is carefully selected and it showcases local, European and Pacific North West vintages. Such as this Le Vieux Pin Syrah Cuvee Violette 2011 vintage – a very aromatic, complex wine with a fruity palate.


There are several tempting starter choices at Cache, such as  the Paris Picnic ($18) – a meat platter with cured meats from the Oyama Sausage Co., home made condiments, and pickled vegetables. We had  foie gras butter instead of cheese with ours. Simply decadent. I’ve never tried Oyama Sausage Co. products before, and they are delicious! Good thing that you can purchase them at Granville Island.


Some of the highlights of Cache Bistro’s fall menu include:


Peace Country Lamb Chop ($28) – The pan seared lamb chop was tender and juicy. Paired up with a  house made fennel lamb sausage which was gamey and firm in texture and finished with a navy bean ragout. This hearty dish is perfect for the cooler nights to come and it’s a guaranteed fall menu favourite.  If you intend to visit Cache, this dish is my recommendation.


Aldergrove Mok Ribs ($26) – These ribs are slow braised in Chef Mok’s secret BBQ sauce which has definitely Asian influences, and it brings out the flavour of the meat. The ribs literally fell off the fork they were so tender. This dish was paired up with a sesame cilantro and red cabbage coleslaw. Another great choice for a hearty meal.


For sweet endings, Cache Bistro offers a variety of French-inspired desserts, such as Creme Brulee and Profiteroles, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, look no further than the Caché s’more ($8) – A croissant bread pudding drizzled in chocolate ganache and topped with toasted house made marshmallow.  Deliciously crispy and gooey, this dessert is perfect for sharing, if you can :)

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(Disclosure: I was a guest of Cache Bistro – however I was not required to write a post. These are my genuine thoughts on my dining experience. Which was pretty phenomenal and I can’t wait to be back.)

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