For Halloween: My top 5 scariest movies

What better way to spend a rainy October night than a good cocktail and a scary movie? Halloween is just around the corner, and I just loooove halloween!

These are my top 5 scariest movies:

1. Audition


In Japanese with english subtitles, this psychological thriller will have you sleeping under your bed and never taking your friends advice ever again.

The story revolves around a lonely widow, who follows his friend’s advice and begins a set of mock “auditions” in order to find the most attractive and charming women to date. He begins falling in love with a soft-spoken, sweet former ballerina, who turns out to be one of the scariest, most vile, sadistic beings ever dreamed up on the screen.

Cocktail pairing: Bloody Mary



This movie inspired the 2002 American movie The Ring. The concept is laughable really: a videotape that kills whoever watches it. What makes this movie scary is the acting and the cinematography – it will really have you jumping out of your seat.

Japanese with english subtitles.

Cocktail pairing:  Swamp Sangria

3. Raising Cain


In this psychological thriller, John Lithgow plays a doctor with multiple personalities. This film has so many twists and turns, it’s hard to keep up, but oh boy is it ever terrifying. Great acting by Lithgow.

Cocktail pairing: The Magnificent Bastard

4. The Blair Witch Project


This movie was made on the shoe string budget of $22,500 and it’s pure Indie genius.  The story revolves around three film making students that disappear in the woods while filming a documentary about the legend of the Blair witch. A year later their footage was found.

This movie is so well done, that it truly has you believing that the people in it are real.  The real horror is on what you don’t see rather than what you do.

Cocktail pairing: Black Witch

5. Flatliners


One of my favourite movies from the 90’s – This movie revolves around a group of medical students that decide to use their medical knowledge to cross over to the afterlife. Now haunting apparitions are crossing over to the physical world and are tormenting and torturing their waking hours.

Cocktail pairing:  The Afterlife Cocktail


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