Rita’s Spanish Cafe

Surrey is quickly becoming a great place for multicultural fare. From ramen to Indian food, to Mexican and Salvadoran, a new small bakery has joined the mix, called Rita’s Spanish Cafe.

From the outside this small establishment looks simple and unimpressive. Little does one know that inside you will find some of the best Chilean empanadas in Vancouver!

photo 2

What makes a good Chilean empanada in my opinion? Savory beef, olives, sauté onions and a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, and a a sweet crust that contrasts perfectly with the savoury fillings.

Sure enough that’s what I found.

photo 3

The owner makes the empanadas in small batches and all the fillings are home made from an old family recipe. Each empanada is $3 and they’re the size of a regular calzone.


For three bucks you get a perfectly filling lunch or snack. Add a Jarrito soft drink and you’re in latin american food heaven.

Check them out next time you’re in Surrey.
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2 Comments Add yours

  1. jesshhiikka says:

    Hi there! Found your blog through twitter. Anyway you made it sound soo good. Ive been craving for empanada for a while now but dont really know a place here in Van. It looks sooo big for $3, will go check it out on my free day.


    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      excellent! totally worth the trip to Surrey. Thanks for reading Jess


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