The Terminal Pub

Thanks to a super cool Facebook contest, Phoenix, Alice and I found ourselves at The Terminal Pub having lunch. We were a bit skeptic at first, (from the outside the building looks pretty dodgy, and shares the parking lot with a XXX store) but once we entered the restaurant we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it is! A large fireplace, booths seating, a large bar, lots of wood accents. It’s a nice space.

The building hosting The Terminal Pub has been part of New Westminster for a very long time, and like any place that’s been around awhile, it has its own mythology surrounding it.

We were told by the staff that some nights, the closing shift hears footsteps upstairs. (The upstairs is a vacant storage room). Also there’s been reports of a ghostly figure appearing near the freezer in the kitchen area.

The building used to be a hotel back in the day, and other stories include one of  Frank Sinatra drinking at the bar alone.

So this place gets props for the cool factor. Now to the food.

On the table:

Mussels, sausage and fries ($11) –  chorizo, fresh mussels in a saffron broth and drizzle in a garlic aioli.

This is a great dish to share, and the broth was very savoury – this was my favourite dish and my recommendation.



The steak sandwich with yam fries ($13) – This 6oz sirloin steak comes with garlic bread and sauté onions. The steak was perfectly cooked medium rare. Great value for the price.



The seafood salad ($13) – mussel, shrimp and salmon pieces tossed together with baby greens in a citrus fennel, lemon vinaigrette. My dining partners feedback was that the salad needed more seafood.

DSC_0039Truffle Waffle Poutine ($7) –  for the price, you get a very generous portion of poutine. The truffle oil drizzle was a nice touch.



The Beef Dip ($15) – This sandwich comes loaded with roast beef and melted cheese and sauté onions.



We washed all this down with a “Salty Scot” – a Parallel 49 ale  with hints of salted caramel.



The food is better than your average pub fare and the portions are very generous! The Terminal Pub also features a good selection of local beers and has daily food and drink specials. Follow them on Twitter @TheTerminalPub

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian Webb says:

    Hey Mary,

    Great blog post. You’re an awesome photographer, which I love about your blog posts and you’re always full of awesome recommendations on fun places to go to get really great eats.

    You know I love to have an opinion, so I can’t resist on chiming in on this particular blog post:

    1. Real poutine in Quebec is made with hand-cut fries made from real potatoes. This makes the fries wet and soggy. True poutine-fanatics are not keen on modifications to the tried and true Canadian-classic dish, like waffle fries and truffle oil. While I appreciate that chef’s like to put their own signature on a dish, why fix something that isn’t broken? C’mon, poutine is at its best when it’s authentic potatoes, covered in real cheese curds and smothered in a rich gravy! No changes required!

    2. The beef dip looks really good, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that it has melted cheese. Granted I wasn’t there, but judging from the photo, the cheese doesn’t look all that melted, and I don’t see any sautéed onions.

    All things said though, based on your review, I’d probably go check this place out. I love pub food and it seems like a great place. Perhaps it’s a good half-way point for us to meet up at for one of our upcoming social get-togethers!

    Thanks for being awesome!



    1. Mary Sheridan says:

      Thanks for your kind comments B! And thanks for your honest feedback!
      I totally agree with the poutine statement. But I can’t take away from the dish since it was pretty tasty :) and the beef dip had lot of cheese and onions, I should’ve done an open face shot, but hey, room for improvement right? Thanks for reading, it means a lot!


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