Don’t wanna cook? Too tired to go out? Just Delivery Service is the answer!

Being a new mom can take a lot out of you – between feedings, diapers and lack of sleep, some nights I’m just too tired to even think about cooking, much less going out. Enter the perfect solution: is a Vancouver food delivery service that connects you to some great restaurants near you. With a good selection of cusines to satisfy any craving, offers value, convenience and the opportunity to try out something new.

I found super easy to use – you can also use the service for take out, not just delivery. This is the easiest way to order food in Vancouver.

I’ve used the service a few times and I love it. I love that I can try off-the-beaten path restaurants that I wouldn’t even know about. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve gotten fast and friendly service. And some good eats.

Speaking of fast and friendly service, offers live chat help on their site, so if you encounter any problems, someone is there to assist you right away.

This time around, I ordered from Vlassis Greek Taverna – I was really craving some greek food.  I ordered the Vlassis Platter. For $45 you get the following:

Greek salad – fresh and the restaurant was very generous with the feta cheese.


Prawn, scallop and chicken souvlaki – the chicken was tender, and flavourful. Good mix of seafood too!


Dolmades – gotta love them. They were stuffed with rice and spices, in a creamy sauce.


Calamari – not very greasy


Rice and lemon potatoes


Pita bread and tzatziki sauce.



If you’re ordering from Vlassis, this is the way to go. So many delicious tidbits perfect for sharing.

Vlassis Souvlaki & Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon also has a handy app so you can order your food from your mobile device. Excellent for those late nights when you’re to busy to make dinner, is your go to app for late night delivery in Vancouver. Talk about a time saver!

Disclaimer: I was approached by for this post. Being it this is a service I’ve used before and found it satisfactory, I happily obliged.  




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