New Favourites from The Fraser Valley Food Show

The Fraser Valley Food Show was held at the Tradex in Abbotsford on October 3-5. Some of the highlights included The 3rd Great Canadian Sausage Competition, The Gusto TV Celebrity Cooking Stage and the Gluten-Free Living Show.

I had a chance to sample some of the sausages entered to the competition. Anita Pichlmeier of Black Forest Meats in North Vancouver was the Overall Champion and won a $500 cash prize for the highest score in the four sausage categories she entered in. Black Forest Meats also won the coveted People’s Choice Award for their liver pate, and first place in the Breakfast and Dry Cured categories. The pate was truly delectable.


I love going to these food shows, you never know what you’ll find. Some of this year’s gems included:

Campbell’s Gold Merry Mead

Their 2012 Merry Mead is sweet and had a golden colour reminiscent of the clear honey from which it originates. The wine is rich and full bodied, making the perfect dessert wine. The honey’s complex residual sugars mask the alcohol, and the acidity is balanced by the sweetness of the honey, presenting a smooth finish. I’ve never had mead before, and it was delicious! I bought two bottles to take home.


Dave’s Killer Bread

This bread has a hearty texture and almost a sweet flavour. It’s organic, vegan, and carries 220 mg of Omega-3.


Glutenberg Beer

The moment I tasted Glutenberg Blonde Ale, I knew I was hooked! Dry and Citrusy, this beer is delicious and easy to drink, and the fact that’s gluten free it’s just an extra bonus. Their line includes an Indian Pale Ale and a Belgian Double.


Ned Bell

Hearing Ned Bell speak about his passion for sustainable seafood was inspiring. He started his organization Chefs for Oceans in order to encourage more people to think about the fish they eat.



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