5 Apps to Step Up Your St. Patty’s Day Drinking Game

According to Guinness, Americans  and Canadians drink about 3 million pints of the Dublin-based beer on St. Patrick’s Day, approximately 5 times more than the amount they drink on a typical day. Whether you’re drinking at a bar or celebrating at home with friends, make sure your smartphone has these 5 essential apps to step up your drinking game for a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day:


1. Untappd: Use this app to explore nearby bars and what’s on tap to enjoy a variety of beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure to rank and review all the different brews you try and share with friends.

Available on: iOS and Android


2. BeerCounter: Avoid open tab confusion at the end of the night with your friends and keep track of your beer consumption with this app! Every time you order a drink, add one to the roster- this will also come in handy when deciding whether you’re good to drive or not.

Available on: iOS


3. Ibotta: From beer and whiskey to wine and everything in between, Ibotta is the only way for St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts to fill their pockets with real cash when shopping for beer, wine and spirits. Simply unlock rebates at retailers near you and start raking in the money!

Available on: iOS and Android


4. R-U-Buzzed?: Should you be driving? Enter your weight, gender, hours spent drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed to determine if “You’re buzzed” with this app. Not to worry if you are, the app has a GPS feature to locate a cab in the area for a safe ride home.

Available on: iOS and Android


5. DrunkBlocker: You won’t regret downloading this app the next morning if you’re notorious for drunk dialing your ex. The app replaces all the phone numbers on your list of blocked contacts and holds users to a sobriety test to release the numbers.

Available on: Android


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