The Book of Mormon Delivers More Than Just Laughs 

Have you ever heard of a play living up to every bit of hype you’ve ever heard?

No? Well, let me tell you about The Book of Mormon. It will change your life.

Ok, maybe it won’t. But the part about this play living up to the hype is absolutely true.

The Book of Mormon opened at the QE Theatre tonight to a sold-out crowd. This award-winning musical is part of Broadway Across Canada; the company that’s  bringing other World-class productions such as Dirty Dancing, Once and The Lion King to Vancouver this summer.

The Book of Mormon is the brain child of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. If those names don’t sound familiar, you’re missing out on comedy gems such as “Mr. Puppet” and you’ve never ever heard of “Starving Marvin”. Yes, these are the same Parker and Stone of South Park fame.

I came to the Book of Mormon with the expectation of an 1.5 hour South Park episode. I expected it to have a lot of swearing, potty humour and cheap sexual banter. I left with a feel-good feeling and a new found respect for a comedic duo I felt was only capable of cartoonish and cliche humour.  Yes, you do get the swearing, the potty humour and the sexual innuendo, but the deeper meaning  is one that breathes new life to a message that needs to evolve to reach the people that truly need it.

The characters of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham are brought to life by the talented  A.J. Homes and Billy Harrigan Tighe.  Both these actors had perfect comedic timing; never missing a beat or a note.

It’s hard for me to write a review without giving away any spoilers. I guess like a good Mormon, you have to believe without seeing.

Go see The Book of Mormon. I’m not promising eternal life, but I do promise a good time and an excellent preformance.

The Book Of Mormon is playing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre now until April 12. Go to for tickets; or, try your luck with The Book of Mormon ticket lottery at the QET box office beginning two and a half hours prior to each performance. A limited quantity of tickets will be available at $25. (Only one entry per person).


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