Wojo Nutrition

Being a fitness instructor doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a happy-go-lucky always-bubbly energy bunny. In fact, if you ask your Zumba, Aerobics, or any type of fitness class instructor, you will find that most of us are not super human (although it may seem that way!), we also struggle with getting out of bed some mornings and having the creative, and physical, energy to prepare and/or teach a class, let alone getting our own workouts in just like everyone else, as much as we may enjoy doing it. I’m not a big fan of pre-workouts or energy drinks, have you looked at the ingredients in most of those things? Plus, the few I’ve tried out of sheer curiosity/desperation have made me bounce off the walls like Hammy the Squirrel and then crash so badly that I need a nap ASAP! Thank goodness I’ve sampled a couple of tried and true energy supplements, that are not full of sugar and caffeine and other stimulants, that I keep around in case of lack of energy emergencies.


Enter Wojo Nutrition. I recently had a chance to try two of their liquid vitamin supplements and I put them to the test.


Wojo, according to their website, is “A brand-new line of single-dose, liquid supplements you can add to any beverage. Based on a blend of six B vitamins essential to healthy nerve and cell development, wojo contains ingredients shown to help you feel your best and increase your metabolism.” Notice that it’s not an “energy drink” but a vitamin supplement. Their supplements have no sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours. Plus, they are liquid so they are absorbed faster and if you don’t like pills to swallow then it’s a great alternative for you. The supplements come in little plastic ampoules that are super easy to use, just pour the liquid into any drink (I found that juice, smoothies and water worked best, followed closely by green tea. Pouring it into coffee or black tea slightly changed the taste of the beverage and I already like the taste of coffee and tea when I have the perfect balance of milk and sweetener, so that didn’t quite fly with me because I’m a tea snob. I’m sure soda would work great as well but I don’t drink pop so I can’t comment on that.) and enjoy. I tried the wojoEnergy and wojoCalm in various situations.


The energy supplement did make me feel more focused when studying and when preparing a new choreography or teaching an exercise class when my energy levels were just not helping me, and no crash. I honestly didn’t feel when, or if, the supplement wore off because I just felt like me, just more focused.


The calm supplement was something else. I thought it may make me sleepy so I took it when I was at home for the evening but it actually didn’t make me sleepy. Wojo explains that their calm supplement is “designed with ingredients that have been shown to promote a relaxed state without drowsiness”, and it really did that. Think about how you feel after a yoga class, just after savasana, that’s how I felt. It was a relaxed, very calm feeling without drowsiness. If you’ve had a very hectic day and just need some help unwinding, then this supplement is for you. I would probably market it as “yoga in a vial”. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Bottom line, their “Nutrition meets Lifestyle” pitch is bang on. If you’re health-conscious and don’t like to expose your body to the side effects of other vitamin tablets or energy drinks out in the market today then these supplements will fit your lifestyle. They are portable, convenient (they can be added to drink or food, maybe try adding it to salad dressing, you never know!), and natural so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body.

Want to learn more about wojoNutrition? Check out www.wojonutrition.com to get to know the company, their supplements available and where to purchase.


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