Top Picks for Class Pass Vancouver

Ever dreamed of having one gym membership to rule them all? Not having to pay hundreds of dollars for muliple memberships to your regular gym, the CrossFit box (ok I admit, I’ve never been to CrossFit, I think ‘the box’ is what they call their version of the gym), yoga studio and barre class has always been a wishful dream….until now. Enter ClassPass Vancouver, they just launched March 11, 2015!


What is Class Pass? Class Pass provides a monthly membership ($99 CAD), and with this one pass, you get access to unlimited classes to the best fitness studios and gyms in Metro Vancouver. You can try everything from Crossfit, bootcamp, yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, Zumba and more. Plus, new studios and classes are constantly being added! One catch though, you can only visit each studio a maximum of 3 times a month, though I really didn’t have issues with this as there were so many options, I rarely maxed out.

Class Pass was kind enough to provide me with a one month pass to try and review for y’all! I got to run around Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond and try different classes from different gyms. No more excuses like “Oh I am meeting up with my parents in Kits for dinner and my regular yoga studio is in Port Moody.” On any given day, one look at the schedule online and I would have 10-15 fitness options to choose from. I started having #firstworldfitnessproblems such as: “Do I want to go to barre class, or do I want to go to TRX bootcamp? Oh my god, so hard to decide! What to do! Ooh…hot yoga!”

After trying multiple studios, here are my Top 3 Must Try Studios with Your Class Pass:

I had the pleasure of trying The Daily Method in Kits a few times. Having been to barre classes in multiple cities and multiple studios, I can honestly say The Daily Method studio in Kits is one of the most friendly places around. For first timers, it’s very non threatening and all the staff from receptionist to instructors are super friendly and nice. I left my water bottle there and they actually tweeted me to let me know and held onto it for me! The instructors are super encouraging and warm, and you never feel weird or out of place. You also get tons of individualized attention and adjustments.
Side note: they just had their grand opening last week, so take advantage of the small class sizes while it lasts because this place is sure to get super busy soon!
While I like the benefits of relaxation with yoga, I still love getting my heart rate up and getting a good sweat on. And one of my favourite ways, is with high intensity interval training. It’s efficient and effective. During my month with Class Pass I visited Urban Fitness South Granville and tried their 45 minute TRX Bootcamp. I was dripping in sweat and huffing and puffing within 10 minutes. And not to sound like a total ass hat, but I am pretty fit cardiovascularly (I run half marathons and marathons after all), so it was nice to get challenged! Urban Fitness also has a bunch of other classes like Zumba, Boxerfit, etc. The studio is clean and the instructors get your butte moving! It’s a great place to visit if you are in a time crunch but still want to get a good work out in. They also have a studio downtown on Davie street (also part of Class Pass).
I think I must have driven by Moksha Yoga Burnaby on the way to work or downtown about a gazillion times. I have never stopped in because I seem to always have memberships to other places like Westcoast Hot Yoga, Semperviva or Chopra Yoga. What a mistake I have been making. Moksha Burnaby is a beautiful studio that rivals any downtown Vancouver studio. It also has an amazing vibe. It feels like a community and family! The facilities are clean, green and best in class. I really enjoyed going here and it was one of the few places I “maxed out” my monthly membership of 3 visits at. It’s a hidden gem and a fantastic studio. Go here!
Overall, my one month with Class Pass has been amazing! I still have a few memberships and punch cards left for yoga studios and barre studios around town. Once that is done, you can bet I’ll be joining again!

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