Vancity wants you to #dontgiveup

Last week #vancouverIStay got lots of attention. Cassandra, Josh and I are grateful for every Vancouverite that shared their reasons for loving this city via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We set up to share a positive, hopeful message and to maybe dissipate a little the myth that Vancouver is a cold city, and I think we did it! We had a lot of fun meeting, talking and getting to know some of you.

Well, the hashtag started trending on Twitter and got a lot of people talking; and one of the companies who was listening was Vancity.

Vancity is a local credit union that wants to listen to what locals are saying, but they also wants to find solutions. We all know that we’re living in one of the most expensive places in the world. There are housing concerns, environmental crises, rising food prices, and the fleeting hope we’re all feeling in regards to these issues. This is pretty much the echo of every “Dear John” letter the city has ever gotten.

So how can Vancity and you help start a dialogue about these issues? Glad you asked!

They’re asking regular Vancouverites to share their thoughts in a 30 second video response. Think of it as your own personal diary cam, and you’re truly giving them your candid heartfelt answers. It doesn’t have to be super slick or polished, just honest and real. They’ll feature some of the video clips in their new advertising campaign, to be launched later this year. By submitting your video you will also be entered in a weekly draw to win a $1,000 Visa* Gift Card.

Here are a few topics to get you started:

Housing affordability:

• What do you think about the real estate market here in Vancouver?

• What bothers you the most about what people are saying about it?

• What challenges do you face when it comes to home ownership or renting?

• What impact does the housing market have on your lifestyle? Or how does it affect your personal finances or financial stability?

Environmental sustainability:

• Is there anything we can do that will actually make a difference to the environment? What efforts do you make to lessen your impact on the environment?

• Do you think it makes a difference?

Social inclusion:

• How inclusive are we really around gender, sexual orientation, race, beliefs, etc.? Why do you feel that way?


• What do you love about living here? If things are so bad, what keeps you here?

• What is missing in your community to make it more affordable, environmentally friendly, or inclusive?

• Have you found any creative ways to make living here more affordable for yourself?

Is there hope? Make sure you tell them  why you’re not giving up by completing this sentence:

• “I’m not giving up because….”

Once you’ve finished your video, post it to your Twitter account and tagging the video with the hashtag #DontGiveUp and Vancity’s Twitter account @vancity. If sharing your video via Twitter, you must be a follower of Vancity on Twitter, or post it to your Instagram account and tagging the video with the hashtag #DontGiveUp and Vancity’s Instagram account @vancitycu. You can also visit and upload the video there with the hashtag #DontGiveUp

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I was approached by Vancity to write about their contest and campaign.


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