Elements Academy of Martial Arts Women’s Self Defence Class

I am a runner. I go out on my own 2 to 3 days a week to train or just for my general fitness. Some runs are short image2and some I go for longer distances but the constant is me, my tunes, and the road or trail. Like any smart woman, I try to be aware of my surroundings. I tell my family where and when I’m going, turn on find my friends so they can track me on my phone, and I try to stay on main roads. It’s always good to be safe, but lately I am more paranoid that something may happen than just playing it safe. It seems like every day there is a news story about a woman being sexually assaulted, walking, running, hiking, no matter where in the lower mainland it seems that we need to be even more vigilant. It’s sad that the world has come to this, but instead of cowering and staying at home out of fear, why not learn how to defend yourself if, knock on wood, you find yourself in a dangerous situation?

image1Vancity Buzz and Elements Academy of Martial Arts ran 3 free 1-hour workshops for women to learn basic self-defence on April 3rd. The response was amazing and all workshops sold out within a few hours with a waiting list of many who wanted to attend. I’ve been wanting to take a self defense class and this one met both my schedule and my budget! In one hour we worked with a partner and practiced just some basic standing holds and how to get out of them. Being a basic class with a time limit, we worked quickly but efficiently. Mysha walked us through the moves and drills in a way that was clear and effective with the help of her assistant.

image3From someone grabbing your wrist to how to get out of a choke hold, the key is to practice the moves and to remember your basic instincts to survive and run away. This workshop touched on some key points, and I completely recommend signing up for their level 1 Women’s Self-Defence 2 hour workshop, at $25 it is a great investment for yourself. Elements also has options for private and group workshops and classes so I suggest checking out their website at http://www.elementsacademy.com to find out more and to register. I personally feel just a little bit safer knowing that, if the situation arises, I have a better chance of escaping, although I hope I never have to use the skills. I will keep running.

The next level 1 workshop is Sunday, May 8. For more details and pricing check out their website.


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