Turn Over a New Leaf with Chopped Leaf #Contest

New Year’s Resolutions – we all have make them right?

For most of us, the promise of a new year means a clean slate – a chance to start anew and our New Year’s resolutions play a big part on the process.  Making resolutions is easy, but keeping them – not so much.


For me, every year starts pretty much the same: A cup of coffee, a notebook (never digital – go figure), a pen, and making lists in my head of what I wish to accomplish in the next 365 days. The one that seems to be standard every year is the promise to eat cleaner and better – tough challenge for a food lover like me.

Why does it always seems so bloody hard to keep that one resolution? I’ve tackled way more difficult tasks: finishing school, buying our first apartment, etc. You figure saying no to Brie ONCE in awhile and loosing a few inches shouldn’t be THIS hard.

The more I think about it, the more I realize there’s three things that need to happen:

  1. I need good food. It’s a fact that there’s no shortcut to loose weight – a healthy diet and exercise are the only way to do this right – but I NEED the food to be good. Relying on chalky milkshakes and bars is not the way to do this. I need a lifestyle makeover.
  2. I need motivation. A cheerleader to remind me that I can do this, and that I’m not alone on this.
  3. I need to be held accountable. If I’m going to success in this, I need to know that there’s someone that will make me hold my end of the bargain.

Ok – so now how am I going to do this – this is where you, my dear reader enter.

I’ve partnered up with Chopped Leaf – a new healthy food concept that’s hitting BC up like a storm – they’re literally popping up everywhere –  to start my lifestyle makeover series: I will be bringing you weekly progress reports, healthy recipes and inspiration to help you get started on your own journey to better living. You should follow just for the comic relief – this blog is about to get real.


Chopped Leaf also wants to help YOU live better too! Their 31 – days Turn Over a New Leaf Challenge  start on January 1, 2017.  whether that means eating better, getting more exercise, making more time for yourself, or another better-for-you goal. Throughout January, Chopped Leaf will share daily tips and motivation to help you keep to your resolution.  Even better, every day, they will give away a $15 gift card when you respond to their posts (make sure you follow!) on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  At the end of the month, tell them about the positive changes you’ve made in your life, and how Chopped Leaf has helped you.  Share your story in a comment on their website or in an email to 31days@choppedleaf.ca before Friday, February 3rd and you can get a chance to win a grand prize. (Drum roll please…)

One lucky participant will receive the grand prize (value $2,500) of:

1) a $1,000 gift card to Chopped Leaf

2) a full-year membership to any GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada

3) a spa and well-balanced lifestyle package

So there you have it: your mission, should you wish to accept me. Remember you’re not alone, we’re doing this together. Anyone willing to join me, send me a Tweet to @MaryinVancity – I will follow you. We can do this!

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