You’re Invited to a Night of Yoga

Did you know the acres upon acres of devastation families endured during the wildfires this year?

With a total of 8950 square kilometres as of mid-August*, with over 45,000 families evacuated at one point.

It’s no wonder this disaster was considered the worst in BC history.

Yogathon Backstory

When I first heard about the fires, I immediately tried to get my hands dirty in effort to help those families affected and those wildlife creatures stuck in a horrible situation.

I reached out to animal welfare groups, the Canadian Red Cross, and 2 other groups in hopes of driving up there to lend a hand.

But what I received was that I needed to have specialized training to help in that way.

I could donate money or supplies but that was about it.

As the days went by, I pondered at the thought of doing something that could bring in a little more than my one time donation.

And so, a Yogathon was born!

What is included?

This evening spans a lapse of 4 hours with the first and last thirty minutes dedicated to sipping on warm, cozy drinks.

Followed by a delicious yoga practice, guided by experienced yoga teachers for a full 3 hours!

You’ll immerse yourself in a slow and sticky Yin yoga practice with Risto Duggan as you prepare your body for a refreshing Flow with Christine Price-Clark.

Finishing up with Chrystal Pearl guiding you through a relaxing Candlelight Restore session.

This evening isn’t meant to be a strong workout, however it is meant to move you – beyond your body.

Each practice is led by experienced, well-respected Vancouver teachers and specially prepared to build upon the other.

All you’ll need is your (or a friend’s) yoga mat!

Details to Attend

Date: Monday, December 4th

Location: Stretch Vancouver (Gastown)

Address: 180 E. Pender Street, Vancouver

Cost: $30 per person with code BITSBITES at checkout


All proceeds are going to support families affected by the BC Wildfires through the Canadian Red Cross – BC & Yukon.

Please join in! All tickets are sold online – no cash at door.

The date is around the corner. Save the date and grab your tickets.

See you then!!

*Vancouver Sun

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