Yoga Pose After Long Summer Walks


Before getting into this yummy yoga pose, can we take a minute to celebrate the fact that Summer is here?

It’s here!!

If you’ve already been spending quite some time outside walking, hiking, swimming or, if you’re anything like me, simply strolling with your dog and exploring surrounding trails, your hamstrings may be asking for a little tender loving care.

This pose is delicious for tight hamstrings, which is what you may be experiencing after a few long walks.

How to Get Into this Pose:

  1. Grab a towel (or blanket, or bolster) and roll it up
  2. Sit on your hands with your legs out in front of you
  3. Place the towel under your knees
  4. Draw the flesh from your sit bones toward the back of the room as you remove your hands from under you
  5. Inhale, lengthen your spine up – notice if you’re bending at your low back, if so, sit on a second towel, block, or bolster
  6. Exhale, begin to fold forward. Aiming for your chest (not your forehead) to reach your knees
  7. Stay here for a few deep breaths, I’d say 5 to start – remember, this is for relief not to prove how bendy you are.

Have a look at the image below, it has a few key points to consider:

VBB Yoga Series

For a short tutorial on this pose, I’ve created a video you can find on IGTV (@daisyjeys).


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