Yoga Pose for Against Comparison Game


Ever found yourself standing up for a friend’s sabotaging self-talk – or your own inner dialogue? Especially when the weather gets warm, we find ourselves watching every other body around us in an effort to compare it to our own.

And not in a good way!

Before I get into this pose, I’d like you to look at your body and rather than call it names, say a minimum of three things you are most grateful for it.

Done? Ok, moving on.

This pose is a great heart opener, which allows for us to be open and receptive to giving and receiving love within.

Though we could go into a more “basic” pose, I thought I’d bring this one up because you can choose to slowly move into it by sitting on your heels the entire time.

How to Get Into this Pose:

  1. Tuck your toes in and sit on your heels
  2. Either stay here or come up on your knees – if your knees are sensitive, roll up your mat or bring a towel to place under those knees
  3. Palms come over your, for a lack of a better term, butt cheeks – right where they begin
  4. Begin drawing your shoulders back and down your upper back
  5. Draw your elbows in toward each other
  6. Gently press your palms forward
  7. Lift your chest forward and up
  8. Lift your chin upward
  9. If you’ve chosen to stay seated on your heels, you can continue to follow through with your upper body and point your tailbone down toward your mat, belly button draws in (as if you’re aiming it toward your spine)
  10. Remember to breathe – do not hold your breath please
  11. After two full breaths (or one), gently come back by allowing your chest to lead the way

Have a look at the image below, it has a few key points to consider:

VBB Yoga Series (1)

Accept your whole body, it carries you and moves with you. Lift your heart to it!

Now, if either option (sitting on your heels or coming onto your knees) aren’t accessible to you right now, turn the whole thing on its back and place a long cushion down your spine to support your upper body.

Let your arms fall to the side, lifting your chest.

For a short tutorial of this Camel pose, I’ve created a video you can find on IGTV (@daisyjeys).



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