It’s Back to School with Vancouver Theatre Sports

Just last week it was the first day of school. Time flies by so fast when you’re busy with work, school, family, and life! To welcome the new school year, the Vancouver TheatreSports Improv Comedy at Granville Island is presenting their ‘Back to School ThreatreSports’ improv show!

For those who have never been or have not recently gone to an improv show, I assure you, come to see Back to School and you will have a great laugh! I know I did – You may even start reminiscing about your school years because you may relate to what happens on stage.

The show takes place at Gregor Robertson School Visionary Teaching. A teacher welcomes his six students who were divided into two COMPLETELY opposite cliques: the goths and the glees. The goths were dark and gloomy, whereas the glees were chirpy and excited. To win some school funding, the teacher imposed challenges between the two groups, and oh my, were those challenges hilarious! Along the way, the audience gets involved too. They even used my suggestion! They asked for something that can be discovered and I yelled: “bones” (I have been watching too many detective shows lately)! I have attended Vancouver Theater Sports shows in the past and have found that recognizing the familiar faces of the actors to be another enjoyable aspect of these events. I get to know their personalities better each time I watch them on stage and can witness them growing and improving with each new show.

If you are up for some laughs, check out their website for Back to School and other improve show times and prepare to start rolling on the floor! Get tickets here.



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