New Year, New You! How a Style Coach Can Help Makeover Your Wardrobe

Another year has gone and it’s the time for new goals. As 2019 starts it makes me think of all the things that I want to accomplish in the year and being more confident is one of the goals I have on my list. Now, I do have fitness related goals that I’m working towards, but my goal of feeling more confident doesn’t only involve my fitness, it also has to do with me feeling comfortable and stylish in my wardrobe without breaking the bank. My clothes consist 99% active wear, I feel comfortable and warm, plus I do have to think too hard about it, I just put on my leggings and lululemon top and I go. However, I’ve always wanted to feel stylish when not going to the gym and that has always been difficult for me. I’m one of those old school people who want to dress for my body type, I’m not the “wear whatever you want to wear and who cares” kind of person, I want my clothes to be flattering! And seeing some of my fashion choices from the past, I realized a while ago that I do need help in that department.

Before picture

I reached out to my lovely friend, who is a singer/performer, has the most beautiful sense of style and who started her own style coaching business, to help me out. And, let me tell you, it’s worth every minute and every penny to get a style coach! Karina starts by getting an idea of what style you are looking for with carefully worded questionnaires that ascertain your colour palette, your personality type, your style icons, and even your element (earth, water, earth, etc.). I had always wanted to try a stylist but thought that it would be so expensive and didn’t even know where to start, so I always forgot about it until the next time that I had an event that required for me to wear actual non-athletic clothes, then I got flustered again and went shopping for something to wear that always ended up being a one-time wear thing that stayed  in my closet waiting until the next time I would wear it and I never did. Thirdeye Babe Wardrobe Refresh took all of that anxiety away and made it easy and enjoyable!

First, she actually did refresh my wardrobe. We went through my closet and I figured out the items of clothing that I would probably never wear again to donate, she put outfits together from items I already had and never thought about putting together! She also showed me the art of accessorizing without going overboard and we made a list of the few things that I would benefit from having. With that in mind, she took me to a local thrift shop and showed me how to put it all together. I got some things that I’d never thought I would find/wear without spending too much money (about $60) and then brought everything back to my place to add these awesome pieces to my wardrobe. Taking pictures of each outfit (so I wouldn’t forget what they looked like) I felt confident that these clothes would make a difference in my life. Strange, isn’t it? “Clothes make the woman” totally came to life. Karina’s service also included a makeup refresh as a little add on, which made my makeup routine even better! Using the makeup that I already own, she gave me tips, showed me simple little tweaks to make the colours bring out my features, and then did a before and after photo shoot.


I immediately put all of her coachings to use, and I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’ve gotten compliments both at work in the office and from my family. I’m not fishing for compliments, by the way, they came naturally just by me wearing the clothes and feeling comfortable and confident. I don’t like the whole “new year, new me” cliche but I gotta say that it’s exactly how I feel! I hold recommend Thirdeye Babe to anyone who wants to refresh their style, or wanting to try something different! Feeling like a million bucks on an affordable budget is truly priceless!

You can find Karina on Instagram @thirdeyebabe1 or on her blog let her help you feel like a rockstar at a super affordable price!



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