Travel in Comfort and Style with the new Laura EASY ESCAPE Collection

My family and I love to travel. Whether is off to Mexico for a tropical vacation or a long weekend in Vancouver Island, we’re always on the move. Regardless if it’s an 8-hour trip or an hour trip, being comfortable AND stylish is very important to me – enter the new Laura Canada  EASY ESCAPE Collection.

I’ve been shopping at Laura Canada for some time now – mostly for work appropriate outfits and formal wear – and I like the quality and the variety. What I like about this new collection is that with only a few easy-care pieces you can create a variety of outfits that require very little maintenance, are wrinkle-free, while still looking fashionable and feeling comfortable.

For my last trip to Vancouver Island, we knew that we’ll be on the move most of the weekend. I love that the Easy Escape collection manages to create several stylish looks with minimal pieces, making packing easy and light. For my trip, I opted for the modern fit capri pants (they have a very cute metal accent on the side of the leg). As well as a cascading open front top and paired it with comfortable flats and an accent necklace.

Those two pieces can be combined with their stripe print jersey top or the white sleeveless top to give it a more casual look.

Laura Canada has over 140 stores in over 70 Canadian cities and it was founded by Laura Wolstein in 1930 in Montreal Quebec. Today, it continues to be a family-owned company with over 2000 employees. Laura is truly a Canadian success story.

Aside from their Easy Escape Collection, Laura Canada offers a versatile selection of unique special occasion dresses that ranges from size 0 to 24.



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