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The Mac Shack Media Night

So it was back to Kerrisdale last week, this time for the Mac Shack Media Event.

Chef Marcel Phelffer

Last time I was here,  I wrote about some of the dishes I had a chance to sample, such as the Lobster Mac and the Cajun Mac to mention some. One of the best things about these media events, is that a blogger can try almost the entire menu! Let’s start with my favourite dish of the night:

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich – oh my, oh my…. welcome to carb heaven. Population, my happy mouth. Sourdough bread toasted to perfection, with pesto mayo, roasted turkey and creamy, cheesy, mac and cheese. This is a fantastic, delicious, guilty pleasure. If you find yourself at the Mac Shack, do yourself a favour and try the grilled cheese sand. You’re welcome.

The Brooklyn  – Blue Cheese, Sirloin Steak, caramelized onions, mushrooms in an aged balsamic reduction and rose sauce. I loved the blue cheese in this dish, and the balsamic reduction gave this mac a new taste dimension.

The Bacon Cheese Burger Mac – Canadian Cheddar & Monterey mixed with seared Canadian ground beef and double smoked bacon in a cream sauce. This is my favourite mac and cheese. A new take on an old family classic. So yummy.

The Mac Shack also has desserts! I was lucky enough to try the The Squish – a homemade ice cream sandwich made fresh with vanilla bean gelato between two  double chocolate chip cookies and a raspberry coulis centre. It was so good, it almost rivalled the grilled cheese sandwich in my books.

The Mac Shack is also licensed, so you can have a glass of wine or beer with your dinner.

Overall, it was a fun night to hang out with other food bloggers and eat some good food. The Mac Shack is always looking for ways of making their menu even better, and they’re always looking for feedback. Next time you’re in Kerrisdale, check them out. Oh, and try the grilled cheese… seriously.

Check them out on twitter @The_Mac_Shack

* Although I was a guest of The Mac Shack, I was not expected to write a post, and my opinions are my own.

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