The Juicery Co – new location opening


Finding healthier alternatives when out and about doesn’t have to be like looking for a needle in a haystack anymore. A few years back, there were only a handful available and they were less than economical. 

Nowadays, things have changed (yay!) – smoothie places, vegan places, raw places are only a few blocks away now.

So is the case of The Juicery Co. – an all organic, local shop run by a team of two sustainable and health conscious ladies, Alex Troll and Christina Prevost.


Both of whom have had first-hand experience with the benefits of juicing and decided to share their love for these nutrient-packed concoctions with others – try Dad’s Juice, their first product.

The Juicery Co isn’t just about juices though – you’d think it would be but you’d be wrong.

They also carry nut mylks, smoothies, acaí bowls and cleanses which can be customized to fit your particular dietary preference – all locally sourced so you’re also helping the local farmers. A win for all!


My experience with one of their green juices took me by surprise – and this is coming from someone who does juice herself. It was sweet with no after taste that you sometimes get, you know. I seriously could’ve had the entire bottle. This was The Pacific – kale, apple, mint, lime, spirulina, and alkaline water.

The other product I sampled was one of their nut mylks, a vanilla tasting one which was unbelievably smooth. So good!

What was great to know was that all of their mylks and juices come in a glass bottles to avoid anything leaking into the product – no toxins. And, in the words of Alex, “everything tastes better in glass” – except water, ask them about that :) All bottles are recyclable and reusable with a $1 refund deposit.


Soon, they’ll be expanding their product line to also include a Black Velvet Alkaline Water (energizing for all the right reasons), kombucha tea, and jarred salads.

So, what is this all leading to? I’m glad you asked. Their Kitsilano location on West 4th and Alma (3570 West 4th Ave, Vancouver), which is the one I visited, is opening today Sunday, March 1 (2015) so seriously, if you’re in the area, drop by. Whether you’re a seasoned juicer or simply curious, you’ll be hooked!

Follow them on Twitter: @TheJuiceryCo

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