CAVU Kitchen and Bar #TacoChallengeYVR

The next entry on the Vanfoodster Taco Challenge is from CAVU Kitchen Bar. Chefs Alex Hancock and Edison Antejos have created a dish that’s innovative by sourcing organic and local ingredients and combining them to create a Baja-inspired taco.


The Baja-Inspired Sturgeon Taco is made with organically-certified Fraser River sturgeon from Northern Divine in Sechelt. I’ve written about Northern Divine before, I’m a fan of their caviar.


The meat is so tender and it’s hard to believe that is fish – it has a nice meaty consistency, which blends well with the black bean paste at the base of the taco.  Some other flavours include spice from jalapeño peppers, fresh lime, cilantro and onion. The smoke corn salsa gives the taco a nice earthy aroma.

The dish is available throughout the day, and is $5 for one taco or $9.50 for two.

The Vanfoodster Taco Challenge is on now until June 14th. Make sure to vote for your favourite tacos here.


CAVU kitchen bar on Urbanspoon

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